What is Shariah Law?

 By J. Scott Bridger  (Originally published online with the Baptist Messenger.)    In August of [2013], an Oklahoma federal judge struck down a 2010 constitutional amendment approved by 70 percent of the state electorate forbidding the courts from considering Islamic law (shariah) in their decisions. Oklahoma is one of several states that have either passed laws, or … Continued

Book Review: What Every Christian Needs to Know about the Qur’an

Review by Jimmy Butts As Christians we should never reject the importance and function of apologetics because the Bible commands it (1Peter 3:15; Jude 3), and gives an example of it (Acts 17:16-34). In our proclamation of the Gospel we should be prepared to present reasons why we believe in its validity (1 Corinth.15:5-9). There … Continued

Three Christian Misconceptions About Muslims (Part 2)

by J.D. Greear In my last post, I discussed three common misconception that Muslims have about Christians. Today, I will be exposing three misconceptions that Christians often believe concerning Muslims. When the average Westerner hears “Muslim,” a number of images come to mind—mostly negative. But most Muslims would be just as horrified as we are … Continued

Three Muslim Misconceptions About Christians (Part 1)

By J.D. Greear The history of Islam and Christianity is hardly an amiable one. Many people from both religions view the other with suspicion (at best) or fear and hatred (at worst). This suspicion existed from day one, and centuries of violence have only served to heighten it. Tragically, the border between Christianity and Islam … Continued

Duke University, Religious Liberty, and Islamic Supremacism

By J. Scott Bridger The recent attacks in Paris on the offices of Charlie Hebdo have once again raised numerous questions about the nature of Islam. Most of them cluster around the issue of authenticity. Among the questions being debated and discussed are: What versions or expressions of Islam are most faithful to the sources? … Continued