A Review of the Lecture Series: “The Challenges of the Qur’an and the Sufficiency of the Word of God”

 Last month, the Jenkins Center for the Christian Understanding of Islam, hosted its first academic lectures series of the semester. Dr. Gordon Nickel was the guest speaker for the event. He is a Christian Scholar, overseas worker, and author of several books, including The Gentle Answer to the Muslims Accusation of Biblical Falsification. The lectures series opened … Continued

The Nation of Islam: Their History and Beliefs

Author: Jimmy Butts Their History: The examination of any religious movement divorced from its historical context not only hinders the observer from developing an accurate assessment of it, but it also leaves the well-meaning evangelist lacking the lens to formulate a strategy to engage its adherers. This has been the challenge for those in the … Continued

A Memorial to Nabeel Qureshi

This Saturday, Nabeel Qureshi (1983–2017), a passionate Christian apologist, went to be with the Lord after fighting cancer for over a year. Qureshi was born into a devout, orthodox Islamic family. While studying in college, Qureshi began to face challenges to his faith, especially after befriending a follower of Jesus Christ. After years of questioning … Continued

Part Two: Pictures of Syria

By Kardilyn Ellis The seven or eight year old girl ran her fingers through my hair; then, rolled into my lap. She held my hand & went back to playing with my hair, while I looked at the pictures her mom showed me. All of the pictures were from Syria. Picture after picture of the girl … Continued

Part One: Preserving Their Stories

By Kardilyn Ellis When I moved to Istanbul, it was Trip Advisor’s “Number One Tourist Destination” of the year. When I left two years later, Turkey was in a nationwide State of Emergency after an attempted military coup. In between those extremes, the Syrian Refugee Crisis was full-fledged with increasing numbers of Syrians filling the crevices … Continued

Charles Wesley’s Hymn of Intercession for Arabs

By Chris Fenner, SBTS Music & Media Archivist In 1758, Charles Wesley published a series of hymns aimed at helping believers pray and sing for the salvation and benevolence of a wide array of people. He and John encouraged their followers to devote time every week to intercessory prayer (usually Fridays at noon). Hymns of … Continued

Turkey’s Christ-Haunted Black Sea Coast

By Sam Martyn The population of Turkey is more than 99% Muslim. At least that is how Turkey wants to be understood officially. The reality, of course, is much more complicated. Atheists and non-religious secularists make up a significant percentage, as do heterodox groups such as Turkey’s very large Alevi population. One minority that did all … Continued

Yemen: Understanding the Conflict and the Prince of Peace

By Suzanne See To serve well in the Arab world, we need to understand the regional politics and recent history. With the more obvious conflicts in Syria and Iraq, we may easily overlook another very significant and somewhat complex battle currently raging in the Arabian Peninsula. Though the death tolls may be somewhat smaller than … Continued

Muslim Scholars vs. ISIS

(Originally published at www.firstthings.com on October 3, 2014) On Wednesday, September 24, 2014, “More than 120 Muslim scholars from around the world joined an open letter to the ‘fighters and followers’ of the Islamic State.” The signees represent the Sunni branch of Islam (with the exception of one Sufi person), and include important Muslim figures … Continued