The Power of Sharing the Trinity with My Muslim Neighbor

Muslims declare that “Allah is one.” So, how do we talk about the Trinity? Do we need to? Should it be avoided?

The Jenkins Center for the Christian Understanding of Islam will host our fourth academic lecture series with Michael Kuhn, author of Fresh Vision for the Muslim World and Finding Hagar. He is an adjunct professor of Discipleship at the Arab Baptist Seminary in Beirut, Lebanon. Professor Kuhn provides practical input as well as historical and theological background to help us embrace the unique power of the Trinity in engaging our Muslim friends and neighbors. Come hear why the truth of the Trinity makes all the difference.

Along with the lecture series, we will host an Impacting the World of Isalm event and a ladies’ tea time. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

Impacting the World of Islam: An evening of fellowship and prayer with Michael and Stephanie Kuhn

Thursday, February 28th | 6-8pm | Legacy 303

Ladies’ Tea Time with Mrs. Stephanie Kuhn

Friday, March 1st | 10-11am | Legacy 310

Academic Lectures Part I: Explaining the Trinity to My Muslims

Friday, March 1st | 6-8pm | Legacy 303

Academic Lectures Part II: The Power of Sharing the Trinity with My Muslim Neighbor

Saturday, March 2nd | 9-11am | Legacy 303


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