The Uniqueness of Islam in Indonesia: Part One

Islam in the Indonesian context: Did you know that Indonesia – an archipelago of over 17,000 islands – is the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation? Roughly 88% of 250 million Indonesians are Muslims, which is about 13% of the world’s Muslim population. However, Indonesia is not an Islamic country. Indonesian constitution is not governed by Islamic … Continued

A Review of “Engaging Muslims for Christ”

For our first event this semester, we had the honor of hosting Mrs. Carol Ghattas, author of several books and former overseas worker in North Africa. The first night of the event consisted of fellowship and training. Ghattas shared on different conversational bridges that Christians can build when witnessing to Muslims, particularly women. These bridges should effectively bring Muslims into a conversation about the Christian faith. … Continued

A Review of the Lecture Series: “The Challenges of the Qur’an and the Sufficiency of the Word of God”

 Last month, the Jenkins Center for the Christian Understanding of Islam, hosted its first academic lectures series of the semester. Dr. Gordon Nickel was the guest speaker for the event. He is a Christian Scholar, overseas worker, and author of several books, including The Gentle Answer to the Muslims Accusation of Biblical Falsification. The lectures series opened … Continued

The Nation of Islam: Their History and Beliefs

Author: Jimmy Butts Their History: The examination of any religious movement divorced from its historical context not only hinders the observer from developing an accurate assessment of it, but it also leaves the well-meaning evangelist lacking the lens to formulate a strategy to engage its adherers. This has been the challenge for those in the … Continued

A Memorial to Nabeel Qureshi

This Saturday, Nabeel Qureshi (1983–2017), a passionate Christian apologist, went to be with the Lord after fighting cancer for over a year. Qureshi was born into a devout, orthodox Islamic family. While studying in college, Qureshi began to face challenges to his faith, especially after befriending a follower of Jesus Christ. After years of questioning … Continued