Why You Should Share the Gospel with Muslims Today

For the past 12 years, I have been involved in ministry to Muslims. For the majority of those years my philosophy has been: become friends first and then share the Gospel. But I found that the longer I was friends with a Muslim, the harder it became to get to the Gospel message. I would … Continued

Mic to the Middle, Please: “Sacred Misinterpretation” Seeks to Steer Christian-Muslim Interfaith Dialog toward “Moderate” Voices -A Critical Reflection

The Context Few books are written in a vacuum. Martin Accad, a top-flight scholar on Middle Eastern Christianity and Islam, sets the contextual background for writing Sacred Misinterpretation: Reaching Across the Muslim-Christian Divide in the first sentence of his Preface: “Many books have been written about Islam since September 11, 2001…” Accad references this event … Continued

New Testament Implications of the Kerygma: A Response to Martin Accad’s “Christian Attitudes Toward Islam and Muslims”

Christian scholars of Islamic Studies who offer advice on the proper approach to Islam and Muslims from a thorough knowledge of both Islam and the Gospel are quite few and far between, and thus deserve the respectful attention of the global Church. Whether one agrees with their advice or not, such scholars should be appreciated … Continued

Defending free speech is also the best way to defend Muhammad

(Originally published at www.religionnews.com on November 6, 2018) Two weeks ago the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the right to free speech does not include criticizing the Prophet Muhammad. The decision is a troubling one for academics and researchers in general, and in particular for Islamic scholars, whose job it is to think, speak and write seriously … Continued

Interview with Dr. Ant Greenham About His New Book

(Originally published at www.thecgcs.org on November 6, 2018) Recently two Southern Baptist missiologists and professors have put together a book addressing one of the most crucial questions about Muslim evangelism and Missions. Dr Ant Greenham, Associate Professor of Missions and Islamic Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Dr. Ayman Ibrahim, Bill and Connie Jenkins Associate Professor … Continued

A Review of the Lecture Series: “Understanding Jihad in Islam”

On August 31st-September 1st, we hosted our third academic lecture series with professor David Cook as our guest speaker. Cook is an associate professor of religion at Rice University. He is the author of Understanding Jihad and Martyrdom in Islam. The subject of the series was jihad and its evolution in Islam. During his discussion, Cook covered topics including Salafism, … Continued

The Falsification of the Qur’an

If you ask a devoted Muslim why he/she believes Islam is true, it is almost inevitable that one of his/her arguments will center on the Qur’an. This argument will most assuredly venerate the Qur’an for its glory, inimitability, infallibility, and solidarity as God’s final revelation to mankind. Billions of Muslims today believe these truths about the … Continued

A Review of the Lecture Series: “Jesus and Moses in the Qur’an”

“What a phenomenal event!” -Julie Karnuth On March 2-3rd, we had the honor to host our second academic lecture series of the school year. Our keynote speaker was professor Gabriel Said Reynolds, an Islamic studies scholar from the University of Notre Dame. He is the author of The Emergence of Islam and The Qur’an and … Continued

Hospitality and the Gospel: Loving my Muslim Neighbor

One of my first encounters with Muslims was when I visited a mosque in New York City with a missions group during the month of Ramadan. We entered the mosque with the purpose of taking a tour and learning more about Islam. However, we were soon invited to join the members of the mosque in … Continued