A Review of “Engaging Muslims for Christ”

Julie Karnuth — November 3, 2017

For our first event this semester, we had the honor of hosting Mrs. Carol Ghattas, author of several books and former overseas worker in North Africa. The first night of the event consisted of fellowship and training. Ghattas shared on different conversational bridges that Christians can build when witnessing to Muslims, particularly women. These bridges should effectively bring Muslims into a conversation about the Christian faith.

The following morning, Ghattas held a special training for women. She shared the do’s and don’ts of ministering to Muslims. There was a time of Q&A where women in the audience asked an array of questions from how to properly host a Muslim family in one’s home to how to prepare for the overseas work in a Muslim context as a single woman. These topics and more were discussed. Ghattas’ personal stories educated and encourage the women to be bold witnesses of the Christian faith to their Muslim neighbors.

We have selected several compelling quotes from Ghattas’ lectures to share.

“We are going to a people that don’t know Christ. We are going to a people without God, with a different cultural understanding, and we need to be ready for that.”

“You are born into your religion as a Muslim. It is part of your identity.”

“While it is important to adapt to a culture, whatever culture you are working in, you do not have to adopt it.”

If you would like to listen to the lectures, please click on the links below.

“Engaging Muslims for Christ” Part #1 By: Carol Ghattas

“Engaging Muslims for Christ” Part #2 By: Carol Ghattas

“Engaging Muslims for Christ” Part #3 By: Carol Ghattas

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