A Review of the Lecture, “Engaging Islamic Arguments about the Trinity and the Incarnation”

Anna Conley — October 21, 2020

On October 16, the Jenkins Center hosted our guest speaker Al Fadi to speak on apologetics with Muslims. Al Fadi is a follower of Christ with expertise in bringing awareness about Islam, particularly because he was once a devout Muslim himself. He shared his personal story of coming to Christ and advised us on how to have helpful conversations with our Muslim friends about difficult subjects like the Trinity and the Incarnation. Al Fadi’s lecture was encouraging and inspired thoughtful discussion and questions from the attendees.

Al Fadi is the founder and CEO of CIRA INTERNATIONAL, a consulting agency focused on training and equipping Christians in the field of Islamic Studies through training seminars, online webinars, and global media outreach. Since the inception of CIRA INTERNATIONAL in 2002, it has had the privilege of training thousands of Christians at churches, para-church organizations, and various Christian colleges & seminaries.

To listen to the lecture, please contact us at jenkinscenter@sbts.edu.

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