Review of the lecture, “The Danger of Denying the Trinity”

Brian Sigrest — February 25, 2021

Review of the lecture, “The Danger of Denying the Trinity”

On February 20, the Jenkins Center was privileged to host Professor Imad Shehadeh as our guest speaker for the first Academic Lecture of the semester. He is the President and Senior Professor of Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary. He is the author of God With Us and Without Us: The Beauty and Power of Oneness in Trinity versus Absolute Oneness. He has also written many publications, as well as journal and magazine articles.

Shehadeh spoke about the Islamic understanding of Absolute Oneness (tawhid). He discussed how the Muslim understanding of Allah’s Absolute Oneness leads to theological difficulties and explained how the Biblical doctrine of the Trinity provides plausible solutions for these problems. His lecture was illuminating and left the audience with a deep sense of gratitude to the Triune God and the beauty of such a biblical doctrine, as well as a true desire to do more research on the topic.

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