Video – Academic Lecture with Dr. Hikmat Kashouh

On August 26th, Dr. Hikmat Kashouh – a pastor of a growing local church in Beirut, Lebanon that is focusing on serving Muslims with the Gospel and discipling them – led us in an academic lecture where he answered the question, “Was the Bible translated into Arabic before the rise of Islam?” Dr. Kashouh was … Continued

Review of the Lecture, “A Story of a Muslim Convert to Christ” with Dr. David Bertaina

The Jenkins Center for the Christian Understanding of Islam was pleased to host guest speaker Professor David Bertaina from the University of Illinois Springfield for the first event of the semester to better equip students and church members in reaching Muslim neighbors. Professor Bertaina will explain how a medieval Muslim convert to Christ defended the Christian … Continued

Islam in Nigeria: From Arabs and Berber Traders to Boko Haram

The Nigerian context has six geo-political regions with religious variations. The religion of Islam that emerged in the Northern region of Nigeria in 1804 rejuvenates in the 21st century with similar religious features, even though reconstructed and supported by the religious ideologies of the contemporary Islamic fundamentalists. Islam and Muslims have a dominant presence in … Continued

Why Muslims Should Advocate Biblical Inerrancy

This article was original published on Southern Equip and can be accessed here. In any conversation between a Christian and a Muslim, one of the first disputed topics is the authenticity of the Bible. Usually Christians are told they have a falsified or corrupted Bible, or that the Bible they possess today is not actually … Continued

Should Christians Use the Quranic Name of Jesus in Arabic Bible Translations?

  A Response to Martin Accad’s “What’s in a Name? A Case for using ‘Isa in Arabic Translations of the Bible” Click here to download this article in PDF format.   The Quran refers to Jesus by the Arabic name “Isa.” However, Arabic-speaking Christians use a different Arabic name, based on Jesus’ Hebrew name Yeshua, … Continued

Review of the lecture, “The Danger of Denying the Trinity”

On February 20, the Jenkins Center was privileged to host Professor Imad Shehadeh as our guest speaker for the first Academic Lecture of the semester. He is the President and Senior Professor of Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary. He is the author of God With Us and Without Us: The Beauty and Power of Oneness in … Continued

Review of the Lecture, “Islamic Law and Christian Life in the Historical Middle East”

On October 30, the Jenkins Center hosted Professor Luke Yarbrough for our final virtual lecture event of the fall semester. He is Associate Professor of Islamic Studies in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at UCLA. Yarbrough is a historian interested primarily in inter-religious relations, law, state administration, and the transmission of historical … Continued